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  • The Tatiana Show Ep. 219 Rigel Walshe September 19, 2019
    On this episode of The Tatiana Show we talk with a speaker from the Baltic Honeybadger Bitcoin Conference, Rigel Walshe. Walshe went from working in government to finding a unique way to integrate his heavy metal music career with blockchain technology. He is a firm believer that "Bitcoin is a tool that is going to […]
  • Sharon Goldberg: Arwen '" Centralized Exchange Trading Without Counterparty Risk September 18, 2019
    We're joined by Sharon Goldberg, CEO of Arwen, a protocol solution for non-custodial trading. From communications engineering to Internet protocol security, to then becoming a Professor at Boston University, she shares her journey into the world of cryptography. Beginning as a whitepaper on eclipse attacks, Arwen has grown into a platform enabling atomic swaps on […]
  • Balaji Srinivasan Part 2 - Bitcoin, Coinbase and Maximalism - WBD147 September 17, 2019
    'œIf you're in Bitcoin, well you know that there are a lot of problems with the Fed, and it's unaccountability and printing all the money and so on. But, how can you be anti-Fed, but pro the regulatory state, pro-SEC' it's the same freaking animal.''" Balaji SrinivasanLocation: San FranciscoDate: Tuesday, 3rd SeptemberProject: balajis.comRole: Angel Investor […]
  • The Tatiana Show Ep. 218 Alexandra Moxin of Advance Tech Podcast September 17, 2019
    This week on a very special episode of The Tatiana Show, I speak with fellow crypto-podcaster Alexandra Moxin at the annual Baltic Honeybadger Bitcoin Conference in Latvia. Alexandra is the Founder and CEO of her blockchain technology based podcast "Advanced Tech Media." In this episode, we talk about what got her into the cryptocurrency space, […]
  • POV Crypto - Fighting for Human Rights with Alex Gladstein September 16, 2019
    Alex Gladstein the chief strategy officer at the Human Rights Foundation joins POV Crypto to talk about how Bitcoin is becoming an invaluable tool in the fight for human rights. We discuss the following.How Totalitarian countries compare to Democratic countries. Whats happening in Hong Kong. What's wrong with identity on the blockchain.How Alex changing his […]